Department of Farm Structures and Irrigation

Prof. Dr. İ. Hakkı TÜZEL

















Education Informations:

    Bachelor's Degree, -
    Master's Degree: Ege University, 1981
    Doktorate Degree: Ege University, 1990
    Assistant Professor: Ege University, 1993
    Associate Professor: Ege University, 1994
    Professor: Ege University, 2001

Administrative and Academic Duties:

    Faculty Education Committeeship, 1993-1994
    Vice Head of the Department, 1994-1997; 2005-2008
    Governing Council of the Faculty, 1999-2001
    Head of the Department, 2011-2016
    Faculty Committeeship, 2011-2016

Contact Informations:

    Telephone: (0232) 311 14 26
    Academic Server: